Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Say Thanks to the Cats in Your Life at Thanksgiving!

I can't imagine life without cats... for all my life, it brought most joy to me watching little kittens grow and play... and later become great personalities that were more reliable friends to me than most humans. A purring cat in my lap helps me relax when stressed out... the worried expression in a cat's face can dry my tears... they keep me warm in bed... and even all those cat-slaloms in the morning, stepping over more cats than I thought I own with my eyes still sleepy, or their consequently lying on whatever I would like to use (including the computer keyboard), or their tearing up the toilet paper once again, all this can make me smile... and sometimes even lough out loud...

Thanksgiving is a time of being grateful for whatever we appreciate in our lives... and with no doubts I would like to say thanks to all the cats that have lightened up my life in the past, in the present, and hopefully in the future...

If you want to pay tribute to the special cats in your life, as well, you can make your own post to the Thanksgiving Gallery at AlleyCatAllies and donate to protect the lives of cats.

But of course, you're also welcome to check out my Gifts for CatLovers (like you and me ;-) by clicking the image below!

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