Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I love Summer!

Maybe it's because I'm born in Summer, but I just love this time of the year... nature provides everything in abundance, and there's so much to enjoy outdoors, like sports, barbecues, picknicks, travel or just hanging out at the beach...

Get ready...

Why not treat yourself with a big beach bag, or beach shoes with your name
Beach Fun bagBeach Shoes with your name kedsshoeBeach Shoes with your name on it kedsshoe

If you like barbecues or fishing, get yourself an apron, a binder for your recipes, or some coasters for your BBQ party:
Grillmaster (customizable) apronBar-b-q apronCatch of the Day apron

BBQ Recipes binderFish Recipes binderGrillmaster (customizable) coaster

...and have some invitations ready to send to your friends - or send them directly from GreetingCardUniverse:
Invitation from the Grillmaster   BBQ Invitation   Fresh Catch of the Day Dinner Invitation

Of course, you can also send your vacation greetings through GCU
Beach Life   Wish you were here - Beach Kitty   I love Maui

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