Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life without Cats...?!? (a Love Story)

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I just can't imagine life without cats. For all of my life it was a neverending source of joy, helping little kittens being born (many of them right in my lap ;-) ... raising them with all my love... teaching them how to use a litter box or a scratching post... teaching them how to purr by purring myself (yes, I can ;-) ...watching them play (favorite game of a whole litter: horse stampede, favorite game of a lonely kitten: getting scared of its own reflection in the mirror)... watching them grow up and turn into very unique personalities, some of which were more non-judgmental friends to me than most humans. A purring cat in my lap helps me relax when stressed out... the worried expression in a cat's face when I'm sad can dry my tears and turn a smile on my face... they keep me warm in bed (though it does not even take the six of them that I once had, to warm my permanently cold feet ;-) and even all those cat-slaloms in the morning, stumbling with sleepy eyes across more cats than I actually own ;-) or their lying in clairvoyant manner on whatever I'm going to use, including my laptop (yep, that's Mousy on the right, and it looks like I'll have to finish that paragraph later ;-) or cats completely wrapped up in toilet paper (or my curtains)... all this can make me smile... and sometimes even lough out loud... and I'm sure that all cat people know exactly what I'm talking about!