Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bring Halloween back to Lahaina

Halloween in Lahaina always was a big event with 30,000 residents and visitors wearing their best costumes every year (lots of photos at

Front Street, the famous Lahaina Street that runs along the ocean, is no longer closed to vehicles. The Halloween Costume Contest used to be held in Banyan Tree Park, which is located in the heart of Lahaina. BUT, this year the booths and costume events will not be held. All costume contests will be held inside of the various restaurants and bars in the area.

Should the streets be closed in Lahaina?
You can make the difference! Is it a safety issue? They just had a meeting about it today with Lahaina Town Merchants...
The MPD has the right to shut down the road.
Show your support.
If you are concerned please speak up at the Lahaina Civic Center Monday October 26th!
It's dangerous with that many people coming to Lahaina trying to walk those narrow sidewalks with open traffic! There is no way they can hold that kind of foot traffic...
Maui Police Town Hall Meeting Lahaina

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