Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I spotted the Easter Bunny!

There are lots of green fields outside my window, and when I'm sitting at the computer and creating art, it's always inspiring to take in the view...

While I was doing that yesterday, I noticed something hopping around in the meadow. Not in a certain direction, but here and there, as if busy with something. When I noticed the long ears peering out of the grass, I smiled, thinking "oh, it must be the Easter bunny, hiding eggs already!"

However, my smile turned into fear when the guy suddenly speeded up, heading directly towards the road, where a car was coming up. Fortunately, they both braked right before the crash, and while Mr. Bunny headed back for the meadow, I was not only relieved that he had made it, but for a second even the thought crossed my mind "there would almost have been no Easter eggs this year"...  
In case you like to send Easter greetings to friends and family, you might want to check out these cards featuring Easter bunnies that I created:

(ok, the one on the right is the version for cat lovers ;-)

And here's some more by my fellow artists at GCU:

And remember to drive carefully, as you certainly want to avoid killing bunnies that are hurrying around so busily at this time of the year (for whatever reason ;-)