Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice!

This is the longest night of the year... but the good news is: from now on, days are getting longer again (except when you're in the southern hemisphere). And with the meaning of this kind of re-birth theme, Winter Solstice was celebrated by almost all cultures in history, though it has many different names, like Yule or Jul, as it's called by Wiccans / Pagans.

But also the Native Americans had Winter Solstice rites, like the Chumash, who historically inhabit central and southern coastal regions of California. Their solstice celebration lasted several days. Winter was symbolized by the color white, the Eagle, who represented the pride and strength of man, and the Bear, representing the strength of Mother Earth. The Eagle with its great vision observes the land, and if it sees danger, warns the Bear, who protects the land; no other creature is stronger.
To learn more about the Chumash, check out: Chumash Indian Life

Below an art print I created in honor of the Chumash people:

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